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Leaders for Life


Available to Student Representatives Only

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About This Course

Leaders for life is unlike any programme currently being run for students representatives in Irish colleges. Our aim is to champion and empower those brave students who want to step out of the crowd and put themselves forward as student representatives within the college community.

We want to provide them with practical skills that will enable them to understand their role and be able to conduct their role as a representative effectively. But we also want to support and inspire them to go beyond the role and develop their inner leader.

This course was funded by Bank of Ireland as part of their Enablement Fund.

Why should you do this course?

Rachael McLoughlin, Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics Post Grad

Roisin Mitchell, Computer Science, First Year

In this course you will learn

  • Understand fully what is involved in being a student representative
  • Learn the practical skills to do the job
  • Understand what leadership is
  • Develop the leadership skills to deliver well in the student rep roles
  • Strengthen and enhance your existing skills
  • Reflect on your personal growth and how you might apply this in the future

Leaders for Life Programme

Understanding your Role

This course is for students who are new to the role of class representative.

Led by ULSL team, it will guide you through what the role of a class representative entails.

When you complete this you will fully understand the key elements of being a class representative.

Awakening the Leader Within

Let us take you on a journey to awaken and light up the leader within YOU!

Led by two expert trainers in leadership, you will find ways to uncover and reveal your inner leader.

Open only to class representatives, this is a short and engaging course aimed to inspire you with simple ideas around leadership.

High Performance & Mastery

This is an advanced course for students.

This is for ambitious reps who want to leverage your role to increase your impact within the college and also into your future career.

Learn the tools of high performance that you can apply in your everyday life and in your future career.

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UL Student Life want to reward our student reps and members of the student’s union by giving you this EXTRA course that will both help you in your new role and also give you the chance to get certification from our Leaders for Life programme. When you complete each module you will also receive a social media graphic that you can share on your social channels to show your investment in yourself as a leader!

About our Trainers

Core Topic Areas

Vision & Purpose


Habits of High Performance

Self Management

Self Awareness