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Student Representative Training

Welcome to Understanding Your Role

Understanding your role is crucial to your success and effectiveness as a leader on campus. Knowing the responsibilities and expectations of your position allows you to perform your duties confidently and competently. It’s important to be familiar with the resources available to you, including key contacts who can provide support and guidance. Additionally, knowing how to signpost students to the appropriate services ensures that everyone receives the help they need promptly. Being well-versed in these aspects enables you to lead by example, fostering a supportive and inclusive environment on campus. Embrace your role with clarity and purpose, and you’ll inspire others to do the same. 

Step In & Skill Up as a Student Leader


This online course is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in your role as a class representative. You will learn about your responsibilities, effective communication strategies, and how to advocate for your classmates. The module also covers key contacts and resources available to support you, ensuring you can guide students to the right services when needed. Complete this training at your own pace and revisit the content anytime. Prepare to make a positive impact and lead with confidence! 

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This online course is tailored to empower you in your role as a representative on the Student Council. Gain essential insights into effective advocacy, communication, and decision-making within your department and across the university community. Learn how to voice student concerns effectively, collaborate with fellow representatives, and contribute to positive changes on campus. This self-paced module provides you with the flexibility to engage with the content at your convenience, ensuring you’re well-prepared to represent your peers with confidence and effectiveness. Start your journey toward impactful leadership today! 

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Interest Group Councilor Induction

This online course is designed to empower you to lead and advocate within your chosen area of interest. Learn how to build a community, promote social justice, and champion equality, diversity, and inclusion initiatives. Discover effective strategies for advocacy, lobbying, and creating positive change on campus and beyond. Your role as a representative is vital in shaping a supportive and inclusive environment for all. Embrace the opportunity to make a difference, inspire action, and lead with passion. Together, let’s create a future where everyone’s voice is heard and respected. 

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How will you benefit from this course?  

Hear from our past college representatives

Rachael McLoughlin, Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics Post Grad

Roisin Mitchell, Computer Science, First Year

Certification to Accelerate Your Career

UL Student Life want to reward our student reps and members of the student’s union by giving you this EXTRA course that will both help you in your new role and also give you the chance to get certification from our Leaders for Life programme. You will receive:

  • Certificate of Completion when you complete the module
  • Social Media Graphic to post on LinkedIn to share with potential employers

You have already stepped into a leadership role and this gives you some additional credentials to showcase this role.